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  1. Lydia

From the album Still Life

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Seems I've already fucked things before they could start.
The fault is mine alone, I broke my own heart.
Find me later, find me now.
I moved too quickly, but you move me like wow.

Someday soon I'm leaving this place, I'll go.
I don't have much longer here.
It might not be the right time, I know.
But there's something about you, I can't keep away.
Know this much is true, I die by your name.

Don't overthink it
Don't worry today.
You said "you're so cool"
Oh, foxy lady,

You're divine.

A punch to the gut, I'm in fisticuffs with myself.
My shirt and my brain, my heart are all stained
With a kiss that I won't soon forget.
From you.

Draw the last breath from my lips and bring sweet release.
The weight of your frame against mine will bring me peace.
And if you want it, darling it's yours.
You can have it, I won't push no more.

Wishing I could make this mine,
Just exist with me.
I'll trace your spine,
You're nobody's lady.

You're divine.
I'd like to give you a flower.
Oh you.