From the album Still Life

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Sleep in the snow
Lay to rest
All the things I wish I never had to know.

There's trouble inside this home.
I think I'll lay and freeze
These feeble, aching bones.

Soon you'll all be off to bed,
And I'll be dreaming here, instead.
Staring at the stars, and their falling friends.
I wish that I could be like them,
Beautiful until the end.
Say goodbye and kiss me before I go.
Before I go.

I hope you rest easy tonight,
Safe beside the candlelight.
Don't forget to put it out before you close your eyes.

Knuckle sandwich, cherry pie.
When I'm with you, I want to die.
And when I am alone, I feel the same way, too.

When you find me after dark,
A body lying in the park,
You'll probably say you'll miss me,
I'll miss you too.

I hope I left a beautiful impression.
I made a pretty angel in the snow.
I think I make a pretty angel.
A really, very pretty angel.

An angel in the snow.