From the album Still Life

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Saw you from the back of the room
I told myself I'd talk to you
But you are very much like the moon:
So beautiful, and gone too soon.

The stars are hiding my heart,
Can't see me way up there.
I know we're worlds apart,
But don't leave me.

Winter came and then it was dark,
I'd fall into an ocean of my dreams
Where I'd play it real smart.
I'd smile and you would fall for me.

But dreams are not real life,
And in reality
You hardly know what I look like.
Why can't you see me?

And though I feel real small,
I think that I could be
The one who has it all,
Take my hand, darling.

The year is gone and now we're in June.
I wish that I had spoken.
This summer I'll be dreaming in blue,
Across a daydream ocean.

Dream in blue.