Toronto singer/songwriter JAD first emerged in 2017, merging elements of indie genres with rock, ambient dream, and folk. The Ottawa native began playing in a band while in high school, garnering vocal comparisons to Jeff Buckley and Robert Plant. In early 2017, JAD began working as a solo artist and quickly crafted a distinctive style that he augmented in the studio with lush multi-tracked vocal and instrumental arrangements. In July 2017, JAD delivered his debut full-length, Still Life, an artfully crafted audio painting that serves as a meditation on moments of lovelessness, solitude, and the beauty of emotion. Charlie Kerr, frontman of Hotel Mira, commented that "the album's like if Jeff Buckley and Elliott smith met up in a recording studio with a bottle of wine after subsequent breakups". Following the release of the album, JAD proceeded to go on two headlining tours in and around Ontario. Songs such as “These Days” and “Knuckle Sandwich” caught the attention of an animator at CalArts, who asked JAD to provide the music to their animation “Lunch With Me Today”. The animation played at the 2018 CalArts Producers Show in Santa Clarita, CA. While continuing to play steadily in Toronto and Ottawa, JAD took two weeks in August 2018 to spend some time in Los Angeles, where he would record at New Monkey Studios with award winning engineer Greg Cortez. Both fans of Elliott Smith, the studio served as a temple — housing equipment and instruments used by the late artist himself — an ethereal energy dancing over the room, imparting itself into the music, becoming a definitive element of the session. The visceral connections to the world around us, the small pieces of poetry imparted unto us daily by the universe, are significant and impactful. It with the deepest sentiment of love that JAD hopes to evoke the same poignant response with his music, forming a perennial, immutable connection with audiences.

Jad has a daring way of expressing himself as he moves from heart wrenching tones, breathy close-to-the-mic tenderness and strong falsettos, to leaving the audience hanging on a single belted note.”

Terry Steeves, Apt613

The album's like if Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith met up in a recording studio with a bottle of wine after subsequent breakups.”

— Charlie Kerr, Matt and Sam's Brother & JPNSGRLS

Jad has a terrific voice”

— Ryan Guldemond, Mother Mother

Jad's vocals are very Robert Plant-esque. He plays and sings like a seasoned veteran.”

— Jen Traplin, Live 88.5 FM

Although only 22, he carried an air of old soul experience in his songwriting and confidence in his playing ability and vocal delivery.”

Terry Steeves, Apt613

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